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  In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet standards as well as with traditional industries, traditional industries have gradually ushered in a new development of its own industry. Currently, the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone shopping has become a popular way to shop the next. When "shopping fingertips" gradually being known and recognized, fingertips gently, they want the items on the shopping success, saving time, effort, it has become a new way of many people shopping. Of course, this trend changes, can escape the traditional entrepreneurs "discernment", they are starting to see this in a huge market, concurrent power, to enter into the mobile Internet in the past.
  Traditional luggage industry, for example, rely on the phone's owner's huge market, the establishment of a "luggage" APP, e-commerce has become a bright spot in the luggage industry, the effect is extraordinary. It is understood that the client is founded by industry experts Zhang Hongli, Zhang Hongli for the development of the Internet is very understanding, very early on, he began to find a broader market and new marketing model. Zhang Hongli said that for every industry, the development of a certain degree will face some bottlenecks, upgrade and development of the industry is the only way. Development of the Internet just to the traditional marketing model brings new direction and market, we must seize this opportunity.
Zhang Hongli introduced the current "luggage" APP in addition to playing the role of the sales platform, providing more resources for the purchase of other luggage shop, as you want into the luggage industry entrepreneurs to provide distribution channels, providing personalized for individual users and business users custom services, helping more enterprises to luggage network marketing, service and quality driven brand, to compensate for the lack of resources and reputation on their own. Species are also very large, column computer bags, briefcases, fashion bags, leather goods, wallets, handbags and other diversified development, from the material is varied, leather, PU, ​​polyester, canvas, cotton bags and other fashionable texture. With consumers can choose according to their needs. From downloads the current client view, "luggage" APP client "fans" is also increasing.
  Bags and leather manufacturing, product sales transactions, as well as warehousing and distribution, product testing, personnel exchanges and other public service platform for complete industrial chain, making the platform more competitive advantage, but also makes the current already have a number of leather bags joined to the client come, pursued. Transition luggage industry also provides for more traditional industries new ideas, more traditional industries also saw the mobile Internet market, to achieve marketing and network marketing entity "wheel of development."
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