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  With the improvement of people's living and the current level of consumption, bags have gradually become an indispensable out jewelry, luggage transfer function also gradually from the practical to the decorative mainly into mainly worse become a fame and status symbol, especially for women. Shopping bags has become a craze in recent years with the fiery and convenience of online shopping, online shopping has become a new form of human consumption, industry experts Zhang Hongli in the luggage industry for many years, saw the Internet has brought the broad market, He is also not hesitate to traditional luggage industry pushed to the line, and the establishment of the line "luggage" web portal platform.
  Zhang Hongli said the current development of the Internet has clearly become an inevitable trend, the Internet there is some advantage, as the Internet is gradually penetrate to the more traditional industries, as traditional industries luggage industry should also take the initiative to force, there is The as. Moreover, the current market competition is gradually increased, the traditional marketing model compared to traditional e-commerce industry is concerned, certain drawbacks do exist, which restricts the development of the industry better. With e-commerce low-cost, high efficiency advantages and characteristics of all-weather, all-round and distance, and indeed to the traditional industry to bring a new perspective. So, bags as the traditional industries, of course, benefit is inevitable.
  Zhang Hongli pointed out that through the traditional luggage moved online, also better able to understand consumers' needs and preferences. Based on consumer purchase information and tastes change, it is possible to analyze the real needs of consumers. Of course, online platforms between operators and consumers to establish a good butt way, consumers according to their own use, but also more businesses to provide a more reasonable proposal, to promote the development of the whole industry, but also further increase consumer confidence. Bags replacement frequency is very large, we can according to past consumer spending information for consumers recommend products more suitable for consumer tastes, reducing consumers' shopping time, presence consumption regulars.
  Currently, there are more and more companies join to bag the network platform to achieve a professional consumer platform with luggage. Of course, to further promote the competitiveness of the entire platform, in this era of increasingly advertised personality, the platform also covers simple, retro, cartoons, etc. a variety of styles to meet the consumer fashion, individuality needs. I believe, with the rapid development of the Internet, "bags" of network marketing platform will gradually grow, as more well-known consumer groups, the future open up new consumer market.
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