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    80, as China's extensive family planning after a generation, while the body carrying the stigma of the era of reform and opening up, they show personality, the pursuit of self, arrogant, that was called "Beat Generation," "selfish Generation "," rebellious generation. " However, with the passage of time and age, when immature slowly fade, personality gradually precipitate, 80 young people are unconsciously took over the baton predecessors, it has become the backbone of China's social development and motivation .
    However, after 80 generations, after all, it is different, when these young people with new thinking took over the baton of the times, the great changes within the scope of a whole society can not be avoided. The first is the consumer market, for a time, to be known as high-tech, environmental protection, fashion, health and other labels of all kinds of goods all of a sudden influx of our lives, for traditional products have had a great impact. The industry and therefore for their market depth analysis of the characteristics of the industry to re-enact the rules of the game. Luggage industry is one of them, as a mass market daily necessities, the luggage market showed the following characteristics in the new wave of young people in the 80:
    The huge purchasing power of high-end products
    "To say I was most surprised that more and more young people to join after 80 bags of luxury consumption ranks came, statistics show almost all major brands, this customer was evident after 80 years . "a luxury store owner said," The most typical is Celine smiley package, almost 80 of these young people helped popularize this bag. "
    High income, high consumption, high quality of life, is the most prominent of the 80 young pursuit and behavioral characteristics. Bags products as the life indispensable daily necessities, 80 people for luggage appearance and grade requirements are also gradually increased, with many well-known foreign brands to enter the Chinese market bags, completely changed and liberated after 80 bags for high-quality products shopping concept and the potential purchasing power.
    Highlight the demand for personalized products
    Self-expression, individuality, after 80 people most prominent character, more and more young people kept looking for more representative of the self, a unique product personality. In response to this demand, a lot of clothing, shoe industry manufacturers have launched a personalized custom services, has been sought after by many young people after 80. In recent years, some of the luggage industry, the company has gradually carried out a small-scale custom business, but mechanized development and promotion of its business to meet the needs of the 80 far from the crowd. Therefore, occupied the commanding heights of personalized custom services, will be the new target luggage industry producers.
    Fashion industry opportunities
    Movie "Phone" make Motorola impressive, a TV series "Naked Wedding Time" helped popularize the Lei Feng cap, as these films and television shows became popular in the 1980s among the crowd, not only makes a brand to be popular, but also makes certain products won the favor of 80 people. In addition, fashion magazines, Internet and other topics that information products are also moments of a new era after 80 affecting young people's understanding of fashion and choice. So, how to seize the opportunity and even the initiative to create fashion, and perhaps is an important topic within the luggage industry.
    Times consumption patterns
    E-commerce, a recent interest in the Internet industry, heat industry. Because of its convenient online shopping population in line with the fast pace of life after 80 features, people can not only choose B2C, buy other retail online trading. It also has a growing number of 80 buyers and manufacturers to actively participate in ways other online B2B wholesale transactions in the past. According million through bags wholesale.
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