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  Luggage and leather goods has quality problems in China, but in recent years as manufacturers of brand awareness, enhance personal qualities, defective products has been very difficult to see the market. But recently, there are still deceived consumers by unscrupulous manufacturers, today Mr. Chen with a friend to buy some Goldlion leather goods to the customer, but absolutely did not expect such a price is not the famous leather goods will actually have serious quality problems. Luggage and leather goods actually very easy to have quality problems, but if there are quality problems not only an expert can be out of sight, and can capture the full range of fine leather luggage problems through various instruments.
  He is introduced to his purchase of these bags is nominally cowhide leather fabric, but after detection of the relevant departments found that these leather bags are not the first layer of leather, because expensive, it makes Mr. Chen a time some Can not accept. Then, after an interview with industry experts we learned that the first layer of leather and leather floor has a very big difference, not only from the point of view of quality and price is a big gap, but the characteristics of the first layer of leather is an excellent strength, elasticity to craft plasticity characteristics, fine texture, these are two-story leather can not be more than yours. Layer leather often need to go through finishing, foil dozens of procedures to be processed into split leather, even after such a precise machining process, compared to the final split leather cowhide or worse for wear big, so the story is similar leather leather products among the most affordable leather.
  It is determined that the fur above the relevant national testing center by unqualified fur, Chen purchased this eight fur from the label point of view good quality, valuable products. But after detection to determine which eight leather bags are described on the label and do not match. It is due for bags and leather industries do not know much, or else for a little knowledgeable friend, in touch cortex while we will certainly find a different label on the leather as described in the. Multi-way Goldlion leather manufacturer contact for reporters at this time through, but there are the responsible person to come forward to give a statement. Yu Chen's angry, so can not eat a cutting wisdom, later in the purchase of a long acting leather bags. Then Chen also advise in the purchase of these products in the future, try to find some knowledgeable people buy together, to avoid being taken. About Chen consumer rights issues, Chen has launched a lawsuit to opportunities through a Beijing law firm.
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